The Scientonomy Conference & Workshop

Scientonomy Annual Meeting 2020 Update (1/14/2019)

Annual Meeting Registration Links Added!

Since its founding in 2015, the scientonomy community has dedicated its efforts towards developing an empirical science of science—scientonomy—from the ground up. One of the greatest benefits of forming a brand new epistemic community has been the opportunity to re-imagine many institutions—inherited from both the academy and the wider scientific community—and to work towards more generative, transparent, and effective modes of knowledge production, as exemplified in the scientonomy community’s workflow.

Scientonomy conferences and workshops are the scientonomy community’s re-imagining of the typical academic conference. While still opportunities to network and share current research and new ideas, scientonomy conferences are meant to simultaneously share recent work from within the scientonomy community with the wider scholarly community, as well as to open the scientonomy community to new avenues of inquiry by inviting new perspectives on important questions. Scientonomy workshops, on the other hand, are held to debate and discuss particular, contentious propositions proposed within the scientonomic community with the express purpose of resolving disagreements and reaching a communal consensus.

The 2019 Scientonomy Conference is on the theme “The Challenges of Constructing a Theory of Scientific Change.”

As scientonomy grows and develops in a steady, piecemeal fashion, so will the conference & workshop, improving both structure and function with each iteration.

We hope you will join us in this exciting new endeavour.

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