Program: Big Data & HPS 2023

All sessions will take place ONLINE

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Thursday, May 18: Day 1

8:45 AM (EST)     Welcome & Opening Remarks

9:00      Keynote Address: Pieter Francois “Sampling World History. An Overview of Methodological Choices Underpinning the Seshat Global History Databank”

10:00    Break

10:10    Maximilian Noichl “A Computational Complement to Case Studies”
10:40    Brett Buttliere, Veslava Osinska, & Adam Kola “Demonstrating the Value of Wikipedia for Understanding the History of Science”
11:10    Catherine Herfeld “What Empirical Network Analysis can do for &HPS: The Case of Model Transfer”

11:40    Break

11:50    Lucas Gautheron “Probing Socio-Epistemic Dynamics in High-Energy Physics Using the Inspire HEP Database”
12:00 PM   Guillermo Restrepo & Jürgen Jost “Computational History of Chemistry: The Expansion of the Chemical Space”
12:10    Joel West “Datasets: A Narratological and Semiotic Perspective”
12:20    Short Session Q/A

12:35    Lunch Break

1:30      Grace Shan “Towards a Database of Intellectual History: Digital Linguistic Strategies for Identifying Theories Accepted in 18th-century England”

2:30      Break

2:40      Christophe Malaterre & Francis Lareau “Mapping the Contours of the Emerging Discipline of Astrobiology with Text-Mining Approaches”
3:10      James A. Overton “History and Philosophy of the Immune Epitope Database”
3:40      Joseph Wilson “Local Contingencies: Modelling ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in Mid-Century America”

4:10      End Day 1

Friday, May 19: Day 2

9:00 AM (EST)      Keynote Address: Charles H. Pence “Scientific Disagreement: A Textual Analysis Perspective”

10:00    Break

10:10    Vilius Dranseika & Piotr Bystranowski “Delineating Philosophy of Medicine. A Data-driven Approach”
10:40    Nicola Bertoldi “Integrating Hermeneutic and Digital Analyses of Past Scientific Worldviews through a Kuhnian Lens: The Case of Biometrika”

11:10    Break

11:20    Giovanni Galli & Beatrice Tioli “The Turn of Datacentrism in the Digital Humanities and the Sciences”
11:35    Tomasz Żuradzki “Human Enhancement and Related Topics in Bioethical Discussions: A Computational Approach”
11:50    Short Session Q/A

12:05 PM    Lunch Break

1:00      Keynote Address: Rachel Spicer “Big Data in Religious History”

2:00      Break

2:10      Paul Patton & Cyrus Al-Zayadi “Scientific Disciplines and the Scientonomic Ontology”
2:40      Stefan Linquist & Brady Fullerton “Epigenetic This, Epigenetic That: Comparing Two Digital Humanities Methods for Analyzing a Slippery Scientific Term“

3:10      Break

3:20      Marion Blute “Both Qualitative and Quantitative Research on Science are Useful – Especially in a Possible CSHPSSS!”
3:50      Samantha Vilkins “The Oxymoron of Coding Uncertainty in Big Data Out-of-Context: Insights from Mundane Decisions in Professional Statistical Work”

4:20      End Day 2