Program: Scientonomy Conference 2019

All sessions will take place at the University of Toronto Faculty Club.

If you’re posting about the conference on social media, please use the hashtag: #Scientonomy2019

Thursday, May 23: Day 1

8:00 AM Reception & Breakfast (provided)

10:00 Jamie Shaw “New Workflow for Digital Humanities”

11:00 Coffee break

11:10 Paul Patton “Epistemic Tools in Scientonomic Theory”
11:40 William Rawleigh “Reconceiving Scientific Mosaics: Models, Necessity, and Minimal Rules of Inference”

12:10 Lunch (provided)

1:10 Karen Yan, Meng-Li Tsai, and Tsung-Ren Huang “Developing Two Types of Case Study Methods for Analyzing Biomedical Sciences”
1:40 Justin Donhauser “Voluntarism and Historic Advances in Ecology”

2:10 Coffee break

2:20 Deivide Garcia “Peeling off the Onion of Scientific Change: a Meta-Scientific View”
2:50 Michael Lissack “Scientific Change is Also About PreSuppositions”
3:25 Day 1 Discussion/Brainstorm

4:00 Keynote Address: Lee McIntyre “The Scientific Attitude”

5:00 End Day 1

Friday, May 24: Day 2

8:30 AM Breakfast (provided)

9:30 Ameer Sarwar: “States and State-Transitions in the Classification Space of Theory Change”
10:00 Patrick Fraser “The Semantics of Scientific Change”
10:30 Kye Palider “Ways of Integrating HPS: Top-Down, Bottom-Up, and Iterations”

11:00 Coffee break

11:10 Keynote Address: Jutta Schickore “Challenges to a Theory of Methodological Change”

12:10 Lunch (provided)

1:10 Andrea Roselli “Truth as the Reference of Scientific Change. A Challenge to Scientonomic Approaches”
1:40 Guillaume Dechauffour “Thinking Big. The Science of Change and the Scope of Scientonomy”

2:10 Coffee break

2:20 David Stump “The Relative A Priori as a Model of Conceptual Change in Science”
2:50 Torin Doppelt, Hakob Barseghyan, Julia DaSilva, Nichole Levesley, Kye Palider, Paul Patton, Jessica Rapson, Ameer Sarwar, Jamie Shaw, Yifang Zhang, Amna Zulfiqar “Visualizing Worldviews. Diagrams for Belief Systems”
3:25 Day 2 Discussion/Brainstorm

4:00 Keynote Address: Hasok Chang “The Ontology of Scientific Practice”

5:00 End Day 2